All beds are Hand Made in the USA from Sustainable Forests Western Red Cedar Boards and Posts. 

They are 100% Organic and Rot Resistant 

Posts and boards are pre-drilled, and all fasteners included

Boards are 5/4x6 Western Red Cedar 
Easy assembly with 1/2-inch wrench
All Beds Ship FREE [in the continental USA] | NO TAX!

If you can dream it, we can build it!

Raised Cedar Garden Bed Design Elements and Instructions

The assembly of our raised garden beds is relatively simple and requires only a ½ inch wrench to put together. If you do run into any complications, our instruction manual will address any lingering questions you may have. Our handbook features raised cedar garden bed design layouts, as well.

After seeing a few raised cedar garden bed plans and layouts, you will have numerous ideas that will help you arrange them in a pleasing aesthetic. The diagrams in this manual include measurements for scale and numerous suggestions as to additions you can make to your outdoor arrangement of garden beds.  

Consider this your resource for raised cedar garden bed designs, plans, layouts, and any other questions you may have about your new raised cedar garden beds! Contact us with any questions. 
Twin Raised Cedar Garden Beds with Flowers and a Cat
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